Trainer’s guide: Encouraging creativity through critical media literacy

The Trainer’s Guide: Encouraging Creativity Through Critical Media Literacy is a dynamic, hands-on manual designed to improve media literacy education at the university level.

Originating from the University of Florence, this cutting-edge model merges critical analysis with creative expression in digital media, with a keen focus on the nuances of digital identity. The Institute of Communication Studies has skillfully tailored this model for the Macedonian audience, enhancing its relevance and impact for a diverse audience.

What sets this media literacy model apart is its extraordinary adaptability. Initially tested with undergraduate cohorts, its core principles and flexible framework make it easily customizable across various educational scenarios – from elective courses and subject-specific modules to standalone educational ventures.

At its heart, this Guide goes beyond mere critical dissection of media content; it empowers students to delve into and comprehend the intricate portrayal of identity in the digital realm. This approach paves the way for a more inclusive and creatively rich digital landscape, where a multitude of voices and viewpoints are not just heard but valued and celebrated.

While primarily focusing on digital identity representations, the Guide’s versatility allows for application in diverse thematic areas such as human rights, gender equality, environmental issues, civic engagement, and beyond and is a catalyst for intellectual and creative exploration in the digital age.

The material is lincenced under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence.