Using online videos to influence

The course plan provides media educators tools to address creativity through critical media literacy. Critical media literacy refers to the ability to critically interpret, evaluate and produce media content and to operate critically in a media environment.

The course introduces participants to the imaginations created by online videos and ways of using videos to influence viewers. The aim of the course is to increase participants’ critical understanding of online content that addresses socially relevant issues such as human rights, digitalisation, and climate change. Participants will also have the opportunity to produce short videos that incorporate what they have learned in the course.

The course plan was piloted at the Helsinki Finnish Adult Education Centre with adult learners. However, the plan can be applied to all people over the age of 13 (e.g. in schools, youth work and leisure activities).

The trainer’s guide is published as a PDF file. You can download or print it out for yourself. The material has also been published in Finnish.

The material is lincenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Licence. Please feel free to adapt the instructional principles and their content to suit your own work. For more information contact Ella Airola,, Project Manager, National Audiovisual Institute.