Promoting young people’s participation through a media education project

The trainer’s guide provides an operational for professionals to strengthen the participation of young people. The model guides young people to explore different types of public interest campaigns and eventually to carry out a public interest campaign on a topic that is relevant to them.

The model can be used with young people in different contexts, such as youth work, non-govermental organisations and schools. It can also be used for cross-sectoral cooperation projects. The model is not limited to working with young people, but can also be tried with older people and adult migrants to promote media literacy.

The trainer’s guide is published as a PDF file. You can download or print it out for yourself. The guide is accompanied by an action plan that young people can fill in as part of the planning of the campaign. If young people wish to fill in the form electronically, we recommend downloading it here as a Word file. You can also print out the action plan to fill in by hand.

The material has also been published in Swedish and Finnish.

The stripped-down version of the model can be completed in about 8 hours, but preferably spread over different days. By following the tips for action in the guide, you can extend the project over weeks or months. The model can also be applied to only some parts of the project. See the illustrative examples below on how to sequence the project. You can click on the images to enlarge them and save them for yourself.

The cartoons below illustrate the different ways in which the project can be carried out. You can go through the cartoons with the young participants and give them an idea of what they can do in a public interest campaign. Click on the cartoon to enlarge it and save it for yourself.

Cartoons: Linda Vuorenvirta

The material is lincenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Licence. Please feel free to adapt the instructional principles and their content to suit your own work. For more information contact Ella Airola,, Project Manager, National Audiovisual Institute.